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PANDORA Goes Off-Grid


NIATEC project shows off custom-made Inergy Powerblade at ITC conference on cyber security.

With the assistance of brand-new, custom-made Powerblade technology, ISU's NIATEC program continues to improve the capabilities of the PANDORA mobile computing device. Utilizing the Powerblade, PANDORA is able to charge using solar or AC power, and capable of up to six hours of off-grid operation.  PANDORA is a NIATEC legacy project that is now capable of numerous different roles, including Forensic Investigations, Security Operations, Power-Independent Emergency Server, Air-gapped Backup Storage and Recovery, Cyber Range, Penetration Testing, Logistics and Operations Coordination, ICS Configuration, Temporary Remote Sensor Operation, Contingency Planning, Tabletop Scenario Facilitation, and Conference Presentation.

A brief summary of the NIATEC and Inergy presence at ITC can be found on the ITC website.